Friday, February 22, 2008


My little man Tyler has been OBSESSED with his boots lately. He wants to wear them ALL the time and it doesn't matter what he is wearing. I have started taking pictures of all the crazy outfits because they make me laugh so hard. He also has started wearing a "cape". He has a Blues Clues episode where Steve wears a cape and they pretend to be super hero's. So we took an old baby blanket and tied it around his neck and he loves it. He wore it to Walmart the other day to go shopping! Any ways. I thought I would share the crazy pictures for you guys to see. I love how kids just have such a playful spirit about them and don't care what others think. He gets really mad when I tell him it is time to take them off because its time to take a nap! Haha Enjoy because I know they make me laugh!

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Crystal said...

Yay! I'm happy you started a blogger blog! You are usually in with all the new stuff, so I figured you would of done this LONG before me. I look forward to spying on your family ;)