Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Out of order

My sister went home today, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but we sure had some good times and took LOTS of pictures. When I say lots I mean like.....700 or 800 pictures. YIKES! Tuesday we took a trip to the splash pad and we had a BLAST. We took a BUNCH of pictures. We had a treat while we were there. There was a pretty butterfly we decided to "hang out" with us for like 20 minutes. It let us take pictures with it, played tag with Tyler and was such a good sport. While Tyler was petting his wings, it actually kept rapping its wings around his finger and then Tyler would say, "Oh, he got me!" It was adorable! ( a couple of the pictures of Ty chasing the butterfly Kim took! )

Next are my FAVORITE! Some of TY with the butterfly and some of Kayla with the butterfly

And here are some of us just being crazy and having fun! It was a good day.

Sorry for the abundance of pictures but there were so many I loved I couldn't choose just a few.

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