Sunday, July 12, 2009

Austin Fun and Pizza

I wrote a post a while ago about how we went to Austin Park and Pizza. It was awesome. Katrina and Johnny had gotten free passes so they invited us to go with them. We drove out there and played a little bit and then had lunch. While we were eating there I got the phone call from Cody telling me he was in the hospital and that started a stream of phone calls by me and to me. It was kind of frustrating because it was so loud there I had a hard time hearing. But Tyler had SO much fun. I finally got some pictures from Katrina. I hadn't brought my camera but Katrina and Johnny were taking the kids on all the stuff, so I used Katrina's camera and took pictures of everyone. Here are a bunch of pictures from this trip

getting wet on the water boats. It was SO hot and so this was a popular ride!

The go carts...

And Lazer Tag

And here are some of Ms. Kayla

It was a good day!

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