Thursday, July 16, 2009

Making Baby Shoes ( who knew! )

Apparently you can make very cute baby shoes! Who knew right?! My sister mentioned it while she was here and showed me a thing on line showing you how to do it. Well after she left I remembered and looked it up on line but didn't really find any super cute tutorials. I was a little bummed. THEN I went onto and found HUNDREDS of them and they were all so cute, including the cutest freaking baby boots ever! SO I decided to try the easiest version first, especially since I was going to be doing it by hand. I used an old burp cloth Stacie had given me and it worked perfect. So what you think?

After I took pictures of them and was putting them on my computer I realized that I put the wrong side out on the back section. DOH! Oh was my trial pair any ways and if I ever want to actually put these ones on Kayla I will fix it. I only made the one any ways to see how hard or easy it would be. I am going to try and make the boots tomorrow. I can't freaking wait to do those. Also I made some clips the other day. I really love them. The button one is too heavy for Kayla right now especially since all of her hair has decided to fall out! All most all of the hair she was born with is gone now but she still has enough to keep a light weight bow in her hair for a couple of minutes any ways. haha The flower one she wore the other day and it looked so cute. I think that is my favorite of the three.

Just so everyone knows there are a million tutorials and things on how to make the baby shoes. If you want the links I used just let me know. I was supposed to go to bed over an hour ago and so I am not going to waste time doing it now. But I have them saved if you want them. I can't wait to get a sewing machine because it would be so much faster but at the same time, hand doing the shoes wasn't so bad either. And I only stuck myself once. SWEET

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Angela Montgomery said...

Those shoes are SO cute!!!