Saturday, July 18, 2009

Living Life

I have been slacking on the blogs lately. I am having a rough week with lots of coughing, throw up, teething and no sleep! Today has been kind of rough and I just sat down with Kayla to feed her/ eat my Weight Watchers meal. I clicked on Shutter Sisters and they had a lovely post that inspired me. Last night we went to the playground and I took this picture of my niece Madison that I absolutely feel in love with! Here it is completely unedited, just the way it looked on my camera when I took it.

Isn't it lovely? And if you know Madison, you know this just sums her up. So I went crazy editing it since I loved it. Here are the rest of them

Later on tonight I will post the rest from this play ground trip. I actually got a lot of good shots. It was a nice evening out.

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Puna said...

Nice edits. Isn't it fun to play with photos?