Monday, June 17, 2013

Texas Trip FINALLY Part 1

I know I always say I am going to try and get caught up on here.  I really would like too because I go back and look at pictures on my computer and forget about stuff.  I would much rather remember the story behind the photo because I blogged about it.  For now I am going to try and update once a week and do an old post once a week.  Twice a week should be manageable right?  Let's hope so.

This morning I had to get up really early so I thought I would finally go through, edit and shrink our pictures from our Texas trip from LAST summer.  We don't get to go on  fun trip this summer so I'm glad we got to do this one last year.

We started out heading for the Grand Canyon.  I had never been before and it just figures that when we got there it was overcast.  It was still really cool to see but not as good for pictures because you couldn't tell how colorful it was.  It actually sprinkled on us most of the time we were there.  I was surprised to see how cool the kids thought it was.  I was also surprised at how into taking pictures the kids were but unfortunately for me, Kayla had blue all over her face from the sucker she had in the car.  haha  I got super cute pictures any ways.

I love this picture of Tyler.  I think it's so cute!

This last picture is just too cute in my opinion.  If I remember correctly, Tyler took this picture of Kayla and she was dancing for us.  I LOVE the look on her face.

That concluded our Grand Canyon adventure.  We only got to be here about 2 hours before it started getting dark, the kids were starving and it was starting to sprinkle harder and harder.

Next day we made it into Texas!

We made it to Copperas Cove that night and then hung out in Killeen with Jason, Lisa and Lincoln while Daddy went to For Hood and visited everyone from work.  I took a couple of pictures there too but they are on my phone and I'll have to find them.  Then we headed the rest of the way to GATESVILLE!

It was so nice to see this
That is a picture of the Gatevsille  court house.  It was a sight for sore eyes!!  We went to Kurt and Stacies and then headed straight for El Tapito otherwise known as the Patio!  It was delicious!!!

The kids were having fun posing for pictures after we ate.

Kayla had chocolate on her face

We thought this was funny.  The church across from Patio always has stuff written on their sign out front.  We thought this one was funny...and appropriate for our trip.

The Gatesville skies even gave us a rainbow!

ad a gorgeous sunset on our first night back!

Then we did some sparklers

This one was loud!

I missed seeing the cowboy hat outline from people riding in their trucks!

The next day we hung out.  I didn't take many pictures but we went to lunch and to the movies.  Then Stacie and I headed to Walmart while the kids played at the house.  It was just like old times.  Amandalyn came over with her kids and we all had fun goofing off.  The next day was church.  It was good to see everyone.  Then we ate at Stacies house and took some pictures.

While in the car, I crocheted like crazy.  My arms were seriously SO sore from constantly working on something.  I made Madison this hat.

Kayla REALLY wanted to take a picture with Uncle Kurt

Group shot. Can you tell by looking at Tyler we had eaten some green frosting cupcakes?!

After this we headed to Austin where our next hotel was.  There was REALLY bad weather and we got stuck inside of a Jack-n-the-box while the rain was just pouring down.  Finally we decided to run for the car.  We got SOAKED!

The next day we headed to San Antonio to see Uncle Kade and Aunt Emily.  I'm going to stop this post for now but I'll try and finish up the Texas trip either later today or sometime this week.

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