Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Texas Part Two

The second day of driving to Texas I forgot we had stopped at the Painted Desert in Arizona.  It's super pretty and really colorful but not exciting for kids.  

Tyler was having so much fun filling out the paper work to be a junior ranger......

 Kayla.........not so much!  haha

We were not there for long until we were back on the road.

Now back to Texas.  We got to Uncle Kades house and the kids put their bathing suites on and played in the sprinklers with their umbrella's.

The day we got there it was Aliee's birthday.  So we celebrated with presents, cake, and of course, birthday hats!

Silly kids.  I am really sad because I had a couple of cute pictures I took with my phone but this was the phone that a couple of months after this, got stolen.  Boooooo

Getting ready to blow out the candles....apparently Tyler thought he needed to be RIGHT next to her.

I love that I most excited you looked for all of her presents was the band-aids!!!

Older kids watching and talking

Kayla is in love with Ailee.  She still talks about her and keeps asking when we can go play with her again.

Cutie pie Cora.

The next day we wanted to take the kids to do something fun.  We decided to take them to the Children's Museum in down town San Antonio.  It was super fun!  The worse part for me was that it was too dark so either I had to use my flash, which I hate, or my pictures were slightly blurry, which I also hate so I just did both.

This was very popular with the kids.  They all wanted to be inside of a bubble.

It didn't work as well with the older kids because they were tall

We got it all the way up on Kayla

The children's museum isn't just for kids.  It's also for brothers who still act like kids!  : )

We spent the most time in this block room.  Go figure huh because at home our blocks aren't that popular.

Isn't Cora a cutie?  She kept stealing Kayla's shoe and I mean who can blame her.  They are pink and sparkly.

After the Childrne's museum went walked down to the Alamo.  We walked around there and got a few pictures and got to stamp our national parks book.

The kids all loved the fountain.  I wanted to take a picture here because we took a picture here before we had Kayla.  I would add it to this post but I have to find it on one of my hard drives first.

This next picture was Tyler's creations.  He REALLY wanted to take a picture where it looked like Daddy was throwing him in the fountain.

Did I mention Texas is humid and we are used to the desert now.  It's just as hot where we live in Cali but it's SUPER dry.  Being in the humidity was really different.  One time I went to take my sunglasses out of my purse and they were ALREADY fogged up!  Crazy

We had a fun day.  That night we had quick shopping trip for the mommies.  Emily and I got to TJ MAX about 30 minutes before they closed and got to shop for a little bit.  Then when we got back the big boys ( otherwise know as Cody and Kade ) went to the movies.

Well this is it for today.  I gotta get the kids ready for their swim lessons.  I love where we live because swim lessons is included in the price of our association so we do not have to pay for them.  WOO HOO

Hopefully, I will be able to finish this Texas trip up with two more post.  Our next adventure was seeing our good friend Sarah, Brian, Julia and Colin.  Then it was our trip back home where we stopped at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.

Until tomorrow....

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