Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Holy Cow

Not only have I NOT written in here in a very long time....I also have hardly written in here at ALL this year!  What's up with that?  I have been super busy.  Tyler starting school sucked up WAY more of my day then I thought it would.  Then we moved which was a lot of work.  Then after we were all settled in and unpacked, I had a million projects going all of the time.  Then back in March I started working out 3 days a week with a group of girls from church.  On the days we didn't work out, I decided I needed to work out on my own.  So I have been working out 5 days a week for several months now.  It has been amazing!  I feel so much better and can run over 3 miles now without any problems at all.  In fact, I could probably push for another mile but haven't done that yet.  Next weekend I am signed up to do my first 5k and it's a mud run!  What's a mud run you ask?  Well, it is exactly what it sounds like.  You run 5k in mud and get very dirty.  Sound's like fun right?  I think so.  haha

Because I am SOOOOOOOO behind in here I REALLY do want to do a summer catch up but it is time for me to go work out.  ( see that has been my problem the last couple of months ) so let's see if over the next week or two I can get some catch up blogs on here.  When I logged in today I couldn't even believe that I never even posted pictures of our new house.  MAN I AM SO BEHIND!  So hopefully I can get those up first.  Then on to summer.  We had a great summer.  IN fact, we have one week left and some friends are coming over today to go down to the lake with us.  It should be fun.  And just because I can't stand to not put any pictures on here...

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Kade and Emily said...

Playing catch up stinks...just pretend like the last 6 months didn't happen! ;)