Monday, February 13, 2012


We have been having a rough couple of days.  The kids are SO grouchy.  Especially Kayla.  I just want to scream some times....sometimes I do.  :)  Kayla is like a teenager sometimes I swear.  Moody and irrational.    Then even when Tyler isn't in a bad mood and is being completely normal, COMPLETELY NORMAL for him is very irritating in itself.  If everything is going well and I am in a good mood, I can handle him just fine.  However, if I am tired, cranky and have had to deal with Kayla's screaming kicking fits all day long, it's another story.  Ever since Kayla was sick all last week she has been having trouble going to bed at night.  It takes like 20 minutes of "mommy I need water"  "Mommy I have boogers"  "Mommy, I need you to hold me." and then screaming at the top of her lungs kicking for another 20 or 30 minutes sometimes after I finally stop giving into her demands and let her cry herself to sleep.  This isn't just at night time either.  It is also at nap time.  I would just get rid of her naps but that makes her even worse.  She NEEDS the naps and quite frankly so do I.  By the time Tyler gets home from school I am not in the mood to hear him repeat everything he says THREE times.  I'm not kidding either. Tyler thinks he has to say everything THREE TIMES!  It doesn't matter if you answered him.  It doesn't matter if you tell him if he says it again you are going to punish him.  He feels he NEEDS to say it 3 stinking times every time.  This is really hard for me after a long day of already having to deal with Kayla.

I'm just venting.  It usually cures things if I spend lots of time with Tyler.  This week his teacher sent him home with a box full of books that her son loved when he was little.  She said he could borrow them and bring them back when he was done. They are chapter books and they are very neat.  They are called The Magic Treehouse.  We started reading them.  So him and I cuddle up on the couch and read together.  This helps a lot but with how cranky Kayla has been, some days this just isn't enough one on one time for him.

Wednesday I had a sinus headache that knocked me on my butt.  I could barely lift my head up by 4 in the afternoon.  I am SO GRATEFUL the kids understood that mommy didn't feel good and they didn't give me ANY problems all afternoon and night.  Cody is always home by 5:40 or so at the latest.  He of course had a late night at work and on this particular day and didn't get home until 8pm.  The kids just sat on the couch with me and played games, watched movies and even ate dinner with me on the couch. They were excellent and I was so grateful.

Part of the reason I am overwhelmed lately is because Cody has been having back problems.  Most of this week by the time he gets home his back hurts so bad and all he wants to do is sit on the couch with a heating pad.  Tyler wants to play with him but he can't so then Tyler gets whinny and mommy has to figure it out.  This has also been his long week because Cody didn't get Saturday off.  I was hoping that the kids would sleep in a little bit Saturday for me.  Tyler came in and crawled into my bed at 7ish and then Kayla came RIDING in on her bike at 7:15.   Then I took the kids shopping and to lunch.

Sunday was yesterday and Kayla was being a punk again.  Tyler...still repeating himself 3 times with everything he said.  Mommy was very tired because I haven't been sleeping well and we no longer get to sleep in on Sundays because church changed to an earlier time.  I was giving the lesson in relief society and Kayla didn't want me to leave her in nursery which NEVER happens.  She always goes willingly.  We get home and have a rough go at nap time AGAIN.  I was so tired at this point.  I finally went into Kayla's room, grabbed her from off of the floor where she had been screaming for the last 10 minutes or so and took her to my bed where she actually fell asleep with me for a little bit.    The rest of the evening was still rough.  Lost of yelling at the kids because they were just simply NOT listening to a word I said. Cody kept falling asleep on the couch which meant me doing everything again when I was already so burnt out with the kids.  Finally at about 6:30 or so last night I was trying to get some dishes done I knocked over the blender and shattered it ALL over the kitchen floor.  It took me at least half an hour to sweep and mop several times and after that I STILL kept finding glass in different cracks and things.  Then it was bed time and guess what Kayla did?  If you guessed kicked and screamed and made a million of demands you were right.

Cody and I went to bed late.  Today is a holiday and so I am at home alone with the kids again.  I was HOPING for a little extra sleep.  I even put the kids to bed later then normal so they would sleep in even a TINY bit.  Kayla came in and woke me up at 6:50.  People, if she is up at 6:50 you KNOW she is going to be a grumpy butt all day.  We were sitting on the couch watching TV and I was drinking some chocolate milk.  She got mad at me because it was Tyler's turn to watch something on the TV so she threw something at me knocking the chocolate milk all over me, her, the couch and her stuff.

And I get them ALLLLL to myself ALLLLLL day.  I'm so excited.

I really do love my kids.  I promise.  Kayla was super cuddly at church and it made me feel so special.  Tyler was also super cuddly and he kept telling me that I was the "Best mom he EVER had"!   I'm just having a rough week.  It reminds me of the times Cody would be gone on travel in Texas and I would be completely burnt out on having the kids to myself for weeks at a time.  My in laws are coming at the end of the week to take us to IKEA.  I am SOOOOOO looking forward to this.  I am also looking to forward to one of my friends coming to visit Wednesday and Thursday.   Tuesday is also Valentine's day and I told Cody that I think we needed to soak in the tub together that night and watch a movie on my lap top. I am hoping when I am done writing this depressing, someone please shoot me blog, I am going to take the kids to the play ground and hope it helps cure everyone's blues.  Then we are going to make Valentine's for Tyler's class and I have a garter to make someone for their wedding.  Here's hoping I don't cry any more today......

Did I mention I am hormonal too.

You probably hadn't guessed that right?



Sarah @ Sugar Bananas said...

I feel for you. That's so tough - especially when it all seems to happen one after another. I also feel for Cody. You know I know back pain. I have lots of tips/tricks for helping it feel better I'll email you. I hope today gets better for you - and that you get that tub soak tomorrow.

Kade and Emily said...

I'm so sorry. We all those days/weeks/months. You are not a bad mom for feeling frustrated.
My mom gave me a book, that was a good pick-me-up. It's called "Contentment" by Maria Covey Cole. Maybe I just read it a low point, but I really enjoyed it, and I needed to hear it. I loaned it out, and I wish I had it back for those times when I feel frustrated, just for a little bit of positive to offset the negative feelings. I hope today was better!

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