Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kayla Turns 3

Just so I don't spend all of my time catching up and then get behind on the more recent stuff, Kayla turned 3!  She was VERY excited to have her princess party.  She has been planing it every since Tyler got to have his Super Hero party.  Which reminds me, Tyler turned 6 and had a Super Hero party!  haha  I guess I need to get that one up here too.

Kayla was SO excited for her party that ALLLLL day long I got to hear, "Is it time for my party now?"  Her is Kayla sitting on the couch around 11ish that morning with her new Hello Kitty doll she picked out at the store that morning.

Kayla wanted everything to be pink and to have princesses on it.  We told everyone to wear their princess dresses if they had some.  Everyone looked so cute!  It was at night so I had to use the flash on my camera which I hated, BUT that is when all of her friends could come.  It meant Kayla would NOT take a picture with me.  We tried.  Believe me we tried.  IN fact, her friend Liberty told me she would take a picture with me.  So we did.  It totally made Kayla jealous...until I tried to grab her for a picture and she ran away still.  Hmmm  So here is Liberty and I

Here are our Princesses in random order

Princess Jasmin enjoying some strawberries and carrots

Cinderella eating some fruit and drinking some juice

Princess Belle getting ready to make her very own princess crown!

And what is a princess party without some princes?  Here is Prince Tyler and Prince Joey.

The boys ( and Jeni ) played the dance game on the Wii

While the girls got to color and decorate their very own princess crowns!  Complete with Jewels!

Even Jaxson got in on the action!

Here's the group of girls ( minus Hannah because we were taking too long and she ran off )  haha

Here Kayla is opening some presents

And here we are singing to her

I snuck in a picture of Cody and I

Playing with the balloons and riding on Kayla's bike together

Eating some food

And here is Jaxson trying to escape right at the end.

It was a fun night and Daddy bought Kayla a special PINK Wii remote for when she "plays" the Wii

It was a good night!  Happy birthday big girl!  I love you

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