Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holy Cheap Prints Batman!

Okay so I belong tp a lot of digital printing places on sale. Shutterfly ( which is my favorite ), snap fish, winkflash, clarkcolors, yorkphoto, kodax....okay a lot! I have decided that on my photography blog I am going to start posting all the good sales. To kick it off I am putting one on here. Check it out! Over at they are having a sale on 4X6's. You can get 100 for only 10 bucks! That INCLUDES shipping! Woo hoo You just have to enter the code 1004TEN by the 12th of October.

Another fun thing is this. Iheartfaces is doing something fun this week and I wrote about it in my other blog so go read it if you are interested. I have a lot of picture updating to do here so maybe later on today I can get that done! Here's hoping...

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Kade and Emily said...

Thanks for the heads up. Oh, your paper and pen project turned out really cute!