Friday, October 16, 2009

Catching Up ( hopefully )

I am going to be posting pictures and telling stories as I go. Mostly projects but I will try and add some fun stuff too. In fact I will start with a funny story.

Last night we fed the Missionaries from church. We took them to Pizza Hut. Tyler knows Pizza Hut has bouncy balls in a vending machines there. SO he was asking for one the WHOLE time we were eating dinner. He was starting to drive me crazy and we were packing up to go. The missionaries were trying to distract him so I could pay and one of them ask Tyler, "Hey what is your favorite colored ball?" Tyler without skipping a beat yells out, "Blue balls!" I about died and the missionary, after laughing for a minute said, "Sorry, I should have seen that one coming!" haha

And here's some pictures

My little dancer boy! I especially love how he is ALREADY WAY more flexible then his mommy who danced for YEARS! The day after his dance class this week, he wore his dance shoes pretty much all day. Mostly the tap shoes but he did do his ballet shoes for a while too. He LOVES his tap shoes

Kayla eating some food laughing at her brother. This was the same day as Tyler and the tap shoes and she was laughing at him dancing. She sure does love her brother!

Everyone from my family says Kayla reminds them of her Aunt Kimmie. Well Aunt Kimmie crawled into EVERYTHING. One time my mom couldn't find her for like 2 or 3 hours and it turns out she had crawled up into something and was waiting for my mom to find her. haha Well, here is Kayla trying to climb up into the TV stand. Nice.

And here is Kayla half naked, drinking her bottle, cuddled up against daddy's leg on the ground. heehee She loves her daddy too.

Now she is in her dress mommy made her. Ain't she cute in it?!

Here are the shoes I made Kayla. So far they are the only shoes that will NOT come off of her feet. I can't wait to make her new ones. I also am going to make her some boots when I am done making baby shower gifts and birthday presents! :)

This is the Halloween bag I made Tyler. I took pictures along the way and thought about doing a "tutorial" but I decided it would be a lot of work! haha So if anyone is interested let me know. I wanted to make it reversible, so the inside is Thomas the Train fabric.

I like the way it turned out. Too bad he doesn't want to use it and still keeps stealing my purse instead. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

My friend Sarah had a birthday and I made these for her with pictures I had taken of her kids

This seems to be Kayla's favorite toy. She finds it any where it is in the living room.

Our sink was leaking and Tyler "helped" daddy fix it. He was my little plumber!

And lastly...


I got all this fabric PLUS

THIS for ONLY 5 BUCKS!!!!!!!! I am still so happy about this. One of the pieces had a HUGE permanent marker in the MIDDLE of the fabric. I guess it doesn't matter since it was only like 25 cents. I am still happy with all that I got. Some of it was canvas which is what I used for the bottom of Kayla's shoes. The last roll of fabric by it self was only 5 bucks and it is probably like 3 yards or so and it is REALLY soft flannel stuff. I haven't used it yet. Still trying to decide.

I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many projects going on in my head all the time. One of these days I hope to get at least half of them done!

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