Saturday, September 22, 2012

Family Pictures ( from a YEAR ago )

My friend Casey took pictures for us last November for Christmas card's.  I wanted family pictures but I am too cheap to pay someone SOOOOOO I asked her if she wanted to switch.  You know, I take some for her and she takes some for me.  Worked perfect!  Well, for me at least.  haha  So since I never posted them on here because I just haven't been getting on her and posting the last year or so, here they are.  ENJOY

Here is Tyler

And here's Kayla

She wasn't very into the whole taking pictures thing.  Plus it was cold and she was freezing!

Here are some of the two of them together.

And here are some family ones

The next picture makes me laugh because Casey yelled out "Kiss"  and she meant Cody and I and Kayla and Tyler turned to each other and kissed!  haha

And here are the last couple of pictures

Sooooo that was us almost a year ago.  Let's see what kind of pictures we  can get this year.  :)


Kristy Lou said...

There were some on there that I hadn't seen yet. So cute!! Tyler already looks so much older now though. :/

Pure Images said...

They came out cute!

Kade and Emily said...

Cute pictures! I love how personal they are!