Thursday, November 5, 2009


No clue why on earth our town calls it that ( To me it sounds like a drinking game! ) But Gatesville calls their city Halloween get together the Boozar! I mean, I get it, but why nto call it something else. ANYWAYS. We went and had fun. I feel bad because it was freezing earlier that day and so I decided not to put Kayla's full costume on because I was worried she would get cold. Then we step outside to leave and it was like 70 degrees. It was the perfect weather. Go figure. We were late so I didn't have time to run back in and change her. Oh well because she stayed in the baby sling on my chest the whole time any ways.

I took lots more pictures but this is what is edited and shrunk right now. Maybe one of these days I will get more posted. I took some pretty ones of our Court House which is really pretty and was light up with Christmas lights. My problem right now is I am trying to get us ready to go to Utah in two days so I wanted to get this stuff posted before I didn't have my lap top for two weeks. So for those who stalk me, you won't be able to for a couple of weeks. But when I get home I am SURE I will have a thousand pictures to post. As soon as I finish the dresses I will post those as well so everyone can see what I did. I still haven't decided myself. I have narrowed it down to three choices, one of which I didn't even post because I forgot to take a picture of it. oh well. I think whatever I decided will be cute regardless. I also go to some really cute owl fabric and I am making Kayla a blanket to take to Utah with us. I will post pictures once I get it done. I have one other post I was going to do later today of some pictures from the play ground I took the other day. Then I will be "caught up" for now.

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