Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Day

We had a snow day Thursday and Friday of this week.  It was SOOOOO cold Thursday.  I had a rough night with the kids.  Tyler came in at 5am something saying he was having bad dreams.  I had him climb in bed with us while I went to the bathroom.  I tried to get back in bed with the boys but they were taking up too much room. Tyler said his throat hurt so him and I went and got water and then I took him back to his room.  I talked with him for a little bit and then said good night to him.  I closed his door and I could see that Kayla's flash light was on in here room and it was moving all over the place.  I open her door and she was up and changing her clothes.  She had wet the bed.  SOOOOO we got her cleaned up and changed her sheets and blankets and then I crawled back into bed.  Kayla started talking to herself on the baby monitor which was keeping me up.  Then Cody's phone went off. It was Tyler's school saying it was cancelled.  I got back up and told Tyler ( who of course was still asleep )  He was so excited to he could "sleep in".  Cody got up and said that his phone said it was severely snowing outside.  We took a peek out of the window and sure enough the back yard was white.  Crazy.  It was only like 10 degrees which is pretty darn cold for her.  We spent the morning hanging out and then the kids decided they needed to go out back and play in the snow.  It was freezing out!  I got some good pictures of them in the snow playing.  Kayla kept saying, "Ahhhhh I just want to eat snow!"  haha  As she shoved it in her mouth.  Mommy decided I would make snow ice cream since they were both eating it any ways.  We had never done that before.  It was good.  They played longer then I thought they would and then came in and had chocolate milk and then after lunch we had the ice cream.  It was the best snow day ever!

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