Friday, May 20, 2011


It started out in our house.  I woke both of the kids up and they were very excited to see their Easter baskets.

Tyler had been wanting one of these spin fighters SO bad!

Kayla got some new umberwears ( as she calls them )  We haven't tried them out yet.

She also got a Dora hat and a microphone

We then packed up the car and headed for Utah.  Daddy had to stay home but we talked to him on the phone every night before we went to bed.  We got to Grandma and Grandpa's house in St. George and it was sunny and kinda hot out side.  We had dinner and then the kids had an Easter egg hunt.  The next ten or so pictures are from Kim's camera, not mine.

Bradlie May


 "Look what I got!"

This was Scott and Tyler trying to get the eggs from Noah's pocket!  Noah hid those eggs REALLY well!

Check out those baby blues!

Ender and Jacob after the egg hunt getting ready to die Easter eggs.

Here is where Scott knocked down mom's curtain and was trying ti fix it!  I think this picture makes him look like a drunk! haha  It's the crazy look in his eyes and the cup in his hand.

And now watching some movies on grandma's bed together as cousin

They were either fighting or laughing!  haha

And this is from the next day right after we did our cousin picture that actually turned out really cute!  This was day one of our hopefully one of these days I will get some more post up.  Hope everyone else had a great Easter too!  Ours was very nice.  I forgot to mention that by the time we were about to do the easter egg hunt, it got really windy and cold out side.  Then I realized I had forgotten to pack the kids tooth brushes and so I got my purse and headed out the door to go buy some.  As soon as I set foot outside of the house it started sprinkling.  By the time I hit the store it was raining pretty good.  I ran into the store grabbed some stuff and talked to Cody on the phone for a minute.  I got in line and as the lady was putting my groceries in a bag, I realized NO TOOTH BRUSHES!  BOOOOOOO  So I decided to put these groceries in the car and then come back in and get the tooth brushes.  I look outside and it's POURING!  DOH!  By the time I ran to the car, ran back inside and then went out to the car again I was soaked.  I guess that's what I get for spending money not only on a Sunday but on EASTER!  :)

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*Lauren* said...

How come I didn't see this before? Cute pics of the kids together! So glad we got to spend it together :)